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Za obecním úřadem 354/7, Praha 4 - Krč
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Vojtěch Svoboda
Main Activities
Mortar Investments, a.s. is a duly licensed supplier of heavy-duty vehicles, spare parts & equipment.
We repair, adapt, upgrade and sell fleets of light and heavy armoured vehicles, trucks, and
specialised engineering vehicles, for industrial, civilian, military or dual-use purposes. We can service
MoDs, major Defence industry companies, NGOs, International Organisations, industrial companies
and Law Enforcement agencies. We also do custom work for the entertainment industry, for
collectors and for private projects.
We specialise in Cold-War-era vehicles and equipment thanks to an extensive technical knowledge
base and our 25 years of experience in working on these vehicles. We procure ready-to-use, combat-
proven vehicles and equipment on catalogue, on demand, and as project-based solutions when
required by our clients.
Our capabilities cover all land-based vehicles, military engineering vehicles, mobile and fixed artillery
and related equipment, specialized technical equipment, and individual equipment, protection, firing
solutions and technical complement for soldiers.
Mortar Investments a.s. also provides transport and logistics, on-site acceptance training and
specialized training, life-cycle maintenance and case-based support as separate additional services
when required. Our range covers European countries, African countries, and any other parts of the
world if need be.
We are proudly Czech, European-based, centred on European supply-chains, and we work in close
cooperation with various international authorities and governments. Our working languages are
English, Czech, German, French, and Russian/ other Slavic languages.
You invest, and we provide the ‘bricks and mortar’ for your project.
Our culture is efficiency, our results are in the field.
Ulice / Street
Za obecním úřadem 354/7
Město / City
Praha 4 - Krč
140 00
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