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Board of Directors and its Working Groups

One of the primary bodies of the DSIA, representing the expert role of the Association, is the Board of Directors (Board). It is an advisory body of the Presidium of the Association. A member of the Board may be the statutory representative of the company – a member of the DSIA or any of its representatives nominated by a member of the DSIA. Expert Working Groups (WG) are established within the Board and create an important expert platform for negotiations with state bodies, foreign partners, and other entities. 

Currently there are 16 active Working Groups: 


Cybersecurity and Information Security WG, Chairman Ing. Vladimír Lazecký

C4ISTAR WG, Chairman M.Sc. Martin Brož

Emergency Services WG, Chairman Ing. Pavel Kostka

Equipment WG, Chairman Ing. Pavel Růčka

Exhibitions Management WG, Chairman Ing. Pavel Štefka, M.Sc.

Radar Systems WG, Chairman Ing. Petr Novák

Information Technology WG, Chairman Ing. Filip Engelsmann

Science, Research and Innovation WG, Chairman Ing. Radek Holešinský

Tactical Armaments and Equipment WG, Chairman Ing. Petr Vávra, MBA

Ammunition WG, Chairman David Hác

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Robotics WG, Chairman Ing. Jaroslav Řešátko

Czech NBC Team WG, Chairman Ing. Josef Orel

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Development WG, Chairman Ing. Jaroslav Mráz

Localization of Industrial Cooperation WG, Chairman Pavel Trubačík

Flood Control WG, Chairman Ing. Vladimír Mrkvička, Ph.D.

Electronic Warfare and ISR WG, Chairman Ing. Petr Bičík, MBA


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