DSIA congratulates AURA on another success, this time on the African continent and in the Far East.

Alice Štysová

The Armed Forces of another two countries – the Republic of South Africa and Japan – are going to use MC CATALOGUE – an information system for support of cataloguing, which is exclusively developed by AURA company according to NATO Codification System standards. A project of implementation of this currently most widely used codification information system in the world already successfully began in the South African National Defence Forces. In the next few days a project team of AURA will start its operation. Joining Japan to the number of countries (at this time it is 19 countries including Japan), who chose this Czech sophisticated information system as a base for a successful development of national military logistics, was announced by the Director of the  National Codification Bureau in Japan to a representative of AURA on a recent negotiation in Tokyo. At the same time the Director welcomed a possibility of support of AURA in the process of transformation of Japan into the level TIER 2, the highest level of the integration of a country to the NATO Codification System. The full engagement of Japan in these international structures is a very important step in the current tense safety situation in the region.