Cooperation with Turkey – DSIA statement

Alice Štysová

There is a public discussion in the Czech Republic concerning future cooperation with Turkey. From Defence and Security Industry Association (DSIA) point of view the key question is whether to do business with Turkey in the field of defence and security materiel. DSIA´s answer to this question is pragmatic. Turkey is a member of NATO and close ally in fight against terrorism. In the wider territory the Turkey is viewed as one of the most advanced countries with strong democratic traditions. As an acknowledgement of this one could mention important US military bases located on the territory of Turkey. Similarly to the US and other NATO partners we see Turkey as an important player in the effort to reach stability in the region. On top of that, Turkey is EU´s most important partner in solving immigration problems. When it comes to economy, Turkish is a stable, growing country with great potential for cooperation for country like the Czech Republic. Volume of mutual trade between CZ and Turkey is rising. Czech Republic has positive export balance sheet with Turkey.  Our exports to Turkey include sophisticated products for example automated data processing systems, filters, pumps, air-conditioning equipment etc. Very strong position on the Turkish market enjoys Czech automotive industry. Czech companies carry out projects worth of billions of Czech crowns in the field of energy. There is also potential for our construction companies. When it comes to military equipment it is worth mentioning, there is no embargo imposed. Deliberations of such move were dismissed by US, Germany and other nations.


To conclude, Turkey is for DSIA an important partner and ally in NATO. Therefore, we support export of defence and security materiel to our ally. Cooperation with our partners within NATO should always be viewed as security interest of the Czech Republic and our defence industry as well. It is our interest to cultivate bilateral relations with Turkey, help Turkey to overcome current problems a cooperate with Turkey on security projects in the region.